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The aurora app that is not just about forecast


The aurora app that is not just about forecast's cover picture

To improve your experience of aurora chasing, we always try our best to improve the app and make it easier for you to understand. The reason we change the design is that we want to make the navigation flow better, and to have the information more organized accros the app. We think it's important to have the key data more visible but still continue to keep all the other data that are necessary for Northern Lights hunting.

The navigation

We improve the navigation by grouping the main features into each screens. It will be easier for you to find all the features and all the information that is available on the app.


We added charts for the aurora strength, BZ, BT, solar wind, and solar density, this will help you to see the evolution of each real-time data over a short amount of time. It's very handy to understand if you are in the middle of a big bang of aurora, or if the trend is going back to normal.


The new settings screen will help you to configure range of notifications. Many who live in Norway and Sweden have asked for it and it's now available for everyone. You can now define a range of kilometer and you will only receive notifications that are within this range.

New features

In-app camera

You can now take the real-time picture of the Northern Lights you are seeing and share them right away on hello aurora with your aurora friends.

We will handpick the moments we like the most, and feature them on the moments and map screens. The featured moments will have a gray star on the map and anyone who opens the map screen will see it. You can leave reactions with emojis on each of these moments as much as you want.

See your aurora friends

You can tap on each profile and learn more about each user. Who knows maybe you can find your aurora buddy there?

Stats on your profile

See how many aurora you spotted, how many photos you shared, how many people see your moments, and how many reactions you have received from other aurora enthusiasts.


Learn how to use hello aurora step by step with the most important screens. This will help the new users who are not familiar with the app yet to explore the Northern Lights in full!

We hope you will like it, and if you experience some issue with the new update please let us know by sending us an email at we will be happy to hear from you. And if you like the update please leave a feedback on the App Store or Play Store. A small word from you always make our day and keep us going to improve the app. And if you are very kind, please do support us on Patreon or Buy Me a Coffee your contribution will help us with the infrastructure cost of the app.

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