November 2022, Top aurora spotting


November 2022, Top aurora spotting's cover picture

November is a great time to see the Northern Lights. Let's take a look at some of the most beautiful photos from last year to reminisce on those beautiful moments 💚

November is another month that can provide opportunities to witness the aurora borealis (Northern Lights), especially in regions near the Arctic Circle. While November can offer good opportunities to see the Northern Lights, it's important to remember that the aurora is a natural phenomenon, and its appearance cannot be guaranteed. It's also worth noting that the exact timing and intensity of the aurora can vary from year to year.

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Let's get inspired by some most stunning aurora photos shared by our users last year 🤩

Best aurora moments from November 2022

Aurora over Alta, Norway

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Vibrant Northern Lights captured by Alian Zoller in Norway, shared on hello aurora.

Alian Zoller, a Swiss citizen currently residing in the northern region of Norway, captured a breathtaking photo of the Northern Lights in late November. As a photography enthusiast, Zoller enjoys using his Nikon Z6ii to capture beautiful scenes and share them on his Instagram account. He also shares his photos on hello aurora to connect with other enthusiasts of the aurora and admire their stunning moments.

Beautiful Northern Lights at Snæfellsnes, Iceland

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Aurora spotted by @rubenclferreira

Visitors to the Snæfellses peninsula in west Iceland can witness the beauty of the aurora while surrounded by nature.

Sharing beauty and knowledge from Arjeplog, Sweden

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Stunning Northern Lights spotted by @sealightarts

Jens, a resident of Arjeplog, Sweden, generously shared a stunning photo on hello aurora, a platform that he uses to assist visitors in spotting the aurora in his hometown. With frequent inquiries about the best times and locations to view the aurora, apps like hello aurora prove to be valuable resources for Jens to share his knowledge and enthusiasm for the natural wonders of his community.

Hunting for the green lady sometimes involves a bit of dedication, patience, sometimes a little willingness to suffer (holding out in the cold) and well- maybe also a bit of luck- so an app like yours comes super handy- especially if you’re a newbie.

A captivating aurora shot by Cristina of Lights of Vikings

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Bright aurora shared by Lights of Vikings a tour operator specialised in Aurora hunting.

This photo was posted by Cristina, co-owner of Lights of Vikings. She typically shares photos of the aurora on hello aurora when she spots them in Abisko/Kiruna, Sweden.

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