Update, October 2020


Update, October 2020's cover picture

We always keep improving the app for you to spend your best Northern Lights night! Find out what we have for you in this update.

For this October 2020, we have been adding some unique feature to the app and of course, improving the loading speed and the security to the app so it does not crash (hopefully not 😬) and bring you the best Northern Lights experiences. 

Sleep under the aurora

Have you ever want to be relaxed in a cabin in the middle of nowhere and exploring the Northern Lights? well, we have always wanted it. Therefore we introduce you to the newest feature we have: accommodations.

From now on our aurora friends will be able to find the Northern Lights accommodation for their trip via hello aurora. The idea is to increase your convenience while hunting the Northern Lights. The accommodations we have are places where you have a high chance to see the Northern Lights yet staying in a unique and rural cabin/hotel.

You can find the features under the map screen and on the accommodation page (we do not have a lot yet but we are working to adding more). In the accommodation screen, you are able to see the details about the cabin, locations, pictures and description.

If you are an accommodation owner and want to be featured on hello aurora, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

To book the Northern Lights accommodation, click on “Book now” and the app will redirect you to our partner’s website. Where you can make your final purchase.

You will also be able to check-in with “I was here” and add a review if you ever visited one of the place and of course when you spot the Northern Lights don’t forget to share your location with other aurora friends.

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Aurora accommodations available on hello aurora

Able to create your own account

You can now sign up inside the hello aurora settings. Your shared location will be saved under your account which you will be able to check your stats in a later update. Moreover, you can also check-in to the accommodation and leave a review with your account.

Support Us feature 🎁

We have added the Support Us feature where you can find it on the hamburger menu. All contributions from you will be used to pay for our infrastructure cost and improve our service to you more and more.

We have four different classes for you to choose and the smallest amount is only $0.99 which is not even the price of one cheapest cup of coffee ☕😉

Add hello aurora widget to your home screen

iOS 14 users are now able to add the widget to their home screen. The widget will give you the almost-real-time aurora forecast (updated every ~10min) without the need to open the app 😎

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iOS 14 widget for hello aurora

And more improvements

  • Improve core apps for iOS and Android. We have improved the core app for both iOS and Android. Make it load faster, more reliable and more secure. Having the app broken disappointed us too 😨
  • Improve loading speed for tabs and maps. Is that you in the picture? Well, we hate it too, so we have made the maps and tabs more responsive and load faster.

Who likes slow loading page

  • Images zoom from the “aurora graph”. You can now zoom on the images from the "aurora graph" modal.

It's time to check the cool new features available and download the app on the App Store or on the Play Store now!

That's it for now. Most of the work was done under the scene and it will allow us to make more updates in the near future. We will keep on improving the app continuously to give you the best experience. Thank you for using the app and take care!

Support us

If you like what we do, please consider supporting us. We have donations available in the app. We also have a Pro account available for $1.99 /month. This will give you access to exclusive features in the app to connect and share with the community.

Donations and subscriptions help us with the infrastructure's cost that's necessary to keep the app running and let you sharing your best aurora moments. 💚


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