Everything you need to know about our first pro version


Everything you need to know about our first pro version's cover picture

Over the years we worked hard to make hello aurora becomes the Northern Lights hunter's best friend by adding more value and transforming the app from just a northern light forecast to an aurora app where users can engage and share the same passion 💚

The idea of creating hello aurora happened in 2018 in our living room during a night in Reykjavík when we were observing the Northern Lights. As enthusiasts, we are always excited to see this beautiful phenomenon and got this idea of creating an app where we can grow a community, share our passion and help people who love the aurora like us spot them in an easy and better way.

The evolution of hello aurora

In October 2019 we launched the first version of hello aurora hoping one day it will become aurora enthusiast’s best friend when it comes to Northern Lights hunting. We learn so much during the journey and it has been our joy to develop the app and come up with features to help our users spot the aurora and yet be able to share their passion with others in real time.

To become the aurora hunter's best friend and grow a community for aurora lovers, we launched the “moments”, a feature where users can share aurora’s photos in real-time. We are so glad to see the moments shared and loved by our users and are really glad to see this feature being so useful.

Our mission is to make the app helpful and fun but…

Seeing our user base grows, our infrastructure cost grows as well. So we came up with a Pro version that cost only $1.99* (which costs less than an average juice box) hoping it will help cover the infrastructure and development costs and allow us adding new features.

Let us introduce you to our first-ever Pro version of hello aurora

With the pro version, you will:

  • Be able to support us in operating the app. This will mean a lot to us and will help us sleep better at night.
  • Be able to uploads as many moments as you want.
  • Have an aurora gallery right in the app. You will be able to store your stunning aurora moments on your profile. This will also allow other users to discover and browse through all your photos.
  • Be able to keep track of your stats. Do you want to know how many aurora you have spotted? How many moments you have shared and how many people loved your moments? This feature will cover everything you want to track.
  • Getting notified when someone spotted an aurora is pretty useful. You can enable notifications by range of kilometers around your location in the settings.
  • Not see our annoying donation message anymore! Simple as that we will leave you alone and let you enjoy the app in the full experience.

So how can I upgrade to the pro version?

By going to your profile you will see a green button where you can simply update to the Pro version right within the app. You can also find this button in a couple of other places.

Is hello aurora still free?

Yes, it is. You can still download the app for free and get all the forecasts, alerts and anything you need to be able to see the aurora.

* Please note that the cost may vary in other currencies and your country’s tax.

Support us

If you like what we do, please consider supporting us. We have donations available in the app. We also have a Pro account available for $1.99 /month. This will give you access to exclusive features in the app to connect and share with the community.

Donations and subscriptions help us with the infrastructure's cost that's necessary to keep the app running and let you sharing your best aurora moments. 💚


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