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Find out the most spotted Northern Lights destination in Norway. See where people actually see the lights with hello aurora the Northern Lights application you need!

2020 was an exciting year for us. We finally started to share the app in other Nordic countries and gain more users from that area😍

In total, there were over four hundred reports shared in Norway, thanks to all our aurora friends who shared their experiences and let others know when they saw the Northern Lights. This helps us see which places are the most popular location when it comes to aurora in Norway. In this season we gathered reports from August 2020 to the end of May 2021.

Let’s take a look at where our users spotted the Northern Lights most in Norway. If you plan to see the aurora in Norway this article is for you 💚

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Top spotted aurora location in Norway from August 2020 to May 2021


Being in the Northern Lights oval Tromsø is the ideal location where you can experience the Northern Lights in Northern Norway. The best time to see the Northern Lights in Tromsø is from late August to late March or when the midnight sun goes to sleep early 🌥

Tromsø is the 21st largest municipality in Norway, where almost 80 thousand people live there. One of the most challenging factor you will have there is light pollution. Even though you will be able to see the Northern Lights in central Tromsø, it is always better to find a dark location to increase your visibility and get a good picture of the aurora.

If you are in Tromsø and receive the Northern Lights notifications from our aurora app and don't want to drive far, lake Prestvannet or Báhpajávri might be an ideal location for you, the lake is located right inside Tromsø and it sits on the highest point in the middle of the island. Geir Lia Hammer one of our featured photographer who lives in Tromsø have recommended Grøtfjord, Sommarøy, Ersfjorden, and Kattfjordvannet for the close locations to see the Northern Lights. If you have time to spare do not hesitate to drive to the island of Senja there you will surely find an incredible foreground for your Northern Lights photoshoot.

If you planned to visit Tromsø or want to see the Northern Lights in Norway do not hesitate to follow Adrien from Night Lights Films, Adrien is an experienced Northern Lights photographer and tour guide. He lives in Tromsø but had photographed the aurora in various locations and know Norway's geography very well, he also has published a book called Aurora Chaser. You can follow Adrien on Facebook and Instagram.

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Nature is powerful. Aurora dancing over the mountain in Norway. Photo by @NightLightsFilms

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Stunning aurora over Tromso. Photo by @NightLightsFilms

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The Northern Lights seeking through the clouds. Photo by @NightLightsFilms

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Stunning aurora show in Northern Norway. Photo by @NightLightsFilms


The second top aurora location in Norway is Lofoten. Lofoten is an archipelago located in Nordland, Norway.

On the island, you will have unique scenery with dramatic mountains and summits with open sea and beaches. With its beautiful landscape, Lofoten is marvelous, during winter you will see the aurora reflected on the sea make it looks like the aurora is mirroring itself.

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Picture of aurora in Lofoten. Photo by Johny Goerend on Unsplash


Akershus county is one of the 19 counties in Norway and known to be the second-largest county after Oslo. The county is located at the border of Oslo. At Akershus, you can find many great cultural heritage sites along with the seaside villages, beaches, and other attractions for the Northern Lights such as the Oslo fjord.

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Purple aurora shining in the sky. Photo by Lightscape on Unsplash


It’s not impossible to see the Northern Lights in Oslo but it’s also not the best destination for Northern Lights hunting. As you may know, Oslo is the capital city of Norway and it’s the most populated and largest city in Norway. There you can have intensive light pollution which is the downside when you want to photograph the aurora. If you are staying in Oslo, we recommend getting far from the city where you will have a darker sky.

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Sogn og Fjordane

Sogn og Fjordane is one of the counties in Norway and it’s also the home of two UNESCO World Heritage sites Urnes Stave Church and Næroyfjord. Around the county, you can find many nature reserves such as the fjord, the largest glacier in Northern Europe, Jostedalsbre, the mountains, and the coastal landscape which could be the ideal foreground for your Northern Lights photography.

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Stunning view from Sogn og Fjordane, Norway. Photo by Robert Bye on Unsplash


Narvik is known to be one of the best places to observe the Northern Lights. The city of Narvik is surrounded by mountains which some elevate to more than 1,700 meters straight out of the Ofotfjord. At Narvik, you can get the real experience of being in the arctic where the skies are especially clear.

If you are traveling to Narvik, Njalasouka is a good location for you to chill and see the Northern Lights.

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Aurora with the light pollution. Photo by Serey Kim on Unsplash

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