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In October 2022, we have more than 2000 aurora reported on our app. From this vast collection, we've selected the most beautiful ones to feature on our blog. Join us as we look into the most beautiful moments spotted in October 2022 and delve into personal stories and unforgettable moments captured by passionate aurora enthusiasts 🤩

The nights grew longer as October arrived, providing a better opportunity to catch the Northern Lights. If you are planning your aurora trip in October it's important to note that the visibility and intensity of the aurora can vary depending on factors like location, weather conditions, and solar activity. But worry not! With hello aurora, we'll send you notifications when the aurora is visible in your area or you can check the real-time data for your geo-location directly on the app.

Suppose you are looking for the best location to see the Aurora in October 2023. In that case, the ideal places to witness the mesmerizing aurora borealis are often near or within the Arctic Circle. Countries such as Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Canada, and Alaska (USA) offer favorable conditions for observing this natural phenomenon due to their closeness to the Earth's magnetic poles.

Now, let's take a moment to remember the stunning aurora moments shared by our passionate aurora enthusiasts on hello aurora app in October 2022.

Magical moment notified by the app

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Magical moment spotted by @jen_usw

This picture was captured in Akureyri, a town in North Iceland. Jennifer was using Hello Aurora app to check the aurora condition and was pleasantly surprised when it indicated that the best conditions would occur at 9:17. Although it was already 9:00 pm and nothing seemed to be happening, at exactly 9:17 pm, she witnessed a green explosion in the sky just above her.

Exactly at 21:17 the sky started exploding just above us, and the picture doesn’t do justice to the dancing lights we witnessed. Really an unbelievable moment we’ll never forget

Aurora at Fossatún, Iceland

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Photo posted on hello aurora app by @0liviakho

Olivia had a wonderful time witnessing a beautiful aurora at Fossatún, Iceland. It was a truly special moment for both her and her boyfriend, as they saw the Northern Lights for the very first time. The photo holds a dear place in Olivia's heart because it gives the impression that the lights are emerging from their cozy camping pod, creating a magical and unforgettable experience 💚

Bright Northern Lights by Ellidavatn lake, Reykjavik

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Beautiful aurora photo posted on hello aurora by Manuel Dieterle. See more beautiful photos from him on 500px

Manuel Dieterle, a particle physicist, nature and photography enthusiast from Switzerland, posted this beautiful photo in October 2022. It has always been clear to Manuel that he had to go hunting for the Northern Lights. Last year, during a two-week trip to Iceland in January, he became completely amazed and obsessed with the aurora. This led him to extend his journey by three more weeks for an aurora hunting road trip in Norway, Sweden, Finland in October, and spontaneously three more weeks in Iceland. Manuel captured this stunning phenomenon at Ellidavatn, a lake near the capital of Iceland, Reykjavík.

We asked him to describing the picture, Manuel says: "This is an impression of an astonishing aurora dancing over the mirror-like surface of Ellidavatn near Reykjavik, Iceland. After three whole weeks of non-stop aurora hunting throughout the island, witnessing their beauty, the array of colors, and their unique dancing skills in various activities, I was rewarded with this absolutely majestic goodbye performance."

I must mention that among all the available apps, yours is by far the best for aurora forecasts. However, I also used information from magnetometers, weather forecasts, and cloud forecasts to ensure the most reliable prediction. Congratulations on your excellent work, and please keep it up!

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Aurora dancing in the sky by Manuel Dieterle

Green aurora at the countryside of Iceland

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Green aurora on a cloudy night posted by @ryanholmgren on hello aurora app.

Another breathtaking sight was captured by Ryan in Iceland—a gorgeous aurora illuminating the sky through the clouds. There is something undeniably special about witnessing the bright light shooting through the cloud cover, evoking a unique and awe-inspiring sensation.

During the sighting, the aurora had a strength of -183.1nt, which indicated favourable conditions for witnessing the Northern Lights on that particular night.

Northern Lights spotted at the balcony

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Gryshchenko spotted the aurora dancing in the sky from his balcony.

This photo was snapped by Gryshchenko using an iPhone. Just like many of us, Gryshchenko is an avid aurora hunter. But this time, the aurora decided to visit him, giving him a stunning display right from the comfort of his balcony. And guess what? Gryshchenko was lucky enough to witness these breathtaking moments while rocking a cozy pajama. Who says you can't look stylish while chasing auroras from home? 😎

Are you feeling inspired? Prepare yourself for the next aurora hunt and share your beautiful moments on hello aurora.

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