The Ultimate Tips to the Aurora Locations in the North, Iceland 2019/2020


Is North Iceland one of your destination? Read this article and see where our users spotted the northern lights in this region. 

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Aurora location in North of Iceland

North Iceland has its charm not different from the South Coast. it is loaded with the small town where agriculture and fishery is the backbone of the regions. Although this area is rural it is also flourishing. Multiple services are available at the regions and the locals are doing their best to accommodate and welcome visitors. 

The area is filled with multiple tourist attractions, whether you are looking for waterfalls, geothermal area, power plant or stone arches this area does have those options for you. 

Now, if you are planning to visit the north and also want to see the Aurora, make sure you look up to the sky when the forecast is favorable, and don’t worry we will of course send you a notification if the forecast is great.

1. Akureyri

Akureyri is known to be the capital city in the north of Iceland. The town ranked the 5th largest town in the country and here lived around 18 thousand people. 

Travelers tend to choose this town as their base while traveling in the north as it has the most services and is convenient to travel around. In Akureyri, visitors can join multiple activities including northern lights hunting. So make sure you find the best spot and get ready to see the beautiful aurora in this cute town of North Iceland. 

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Photo from: Nika WI

2. Myvatn 

Welcome to the Northern Lights capital of Iceland, Myvatn. Myvatn is situated in the active volcanic area nearby Volcano Krafla. The lake is around 32km2 large and includes more than 50 islands. The depth of the lake is only around 2,5 meters deep and the deepest part of the lake is only 4 meters. Myvatn is not only famous because the lake, in the area, you can also find the geothermal area along with various landscapes available. 

The area offers multiple services and has choices of accommodation for visitors who want to spend a night or two in the area and see the northern lights under its home in Iceland. 

3. Reykjahlíð

The small village located on the northeastern shore of Lake Mývatn. The village is known to be the main obvious base around Lake Myvatn where 300 people are living here. The most famous tourist attraction in this area is the well-know Krafla volcano, where it erupted in 1972 and covered the surrounded area with lava stream but magically stopped in front of Reykjahlið’s church. 

Reykjahlíð has a few accommodations, cafes, and restaurants for visitors. As mentioned the village is very small making it perfect to see the northern lights as the light disturbance is very low. 

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Photo from: Florian Knab

4. Ólafsfjörður

Ólafsfjörður located in the northern part of Iceland close to Siglufjörður. The village is situated at the mount of the fjord, Eyjafjörður. During winter the town is known to be a winter paradise as both local and a foreigner are seeking here for ski. These days the town is flowing with tourists as there are many activities available at the village including northern lights hunting. The village is facing toward the fjord, make sure you get the picture of aurora with the view of the landscape if you choose Ólafsfjörður as your base!

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Photo from: Roman Popelar

5. Blönduós

If you drive up north from the capital area you will pass by Blönduós. The town is located on road number 1 where most visitors stop and take a rest before their journey to the north. The town is run through by a glacier river name Blanda, hence the name of the town! At the town are various services accessible for visitors such as hotels, guesthouses, holiday rental, gas stations, supermarkets and swimming pool. As almost 900 people living in this town, we recommend taking a small drive to avoid the light disturbance. 

Now, you have the view of our most spotted location in the north in 2019. Don't forget to share your experience on the app for 2020's review.

Check out the most spotted aurora locations all around Iceland below if you plan to drive around the island.

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Most spotted aurora locations around Iceland.

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