How to take a video of Northern lights with a smartphone


How to take a video of Northern lights with a smartphone's cover picture

Do you want to record the mesmerizing movement of the Northern Lights but don't have a fancy camera? Don't worry! Today's smartphones are more than capable of capturing these magical moments. Although they may not match the power of professional cameras, they can still record impressive aurora videos under the right conditions. Check the aurora forecast and get ready to record the beautiful phenomenon on your phone.

Here's a simple step-by-step guide on how you can effortlessly use your iPhone or Android phone to capture the stunning movements of the aurora 💚

How to take aurora video with smartphone 📱

Step 1: Stay on Photo mode

Open the camera app on your phone and switch to Photo mode.

Step 2: Record your screen

You'll notice that the aurora is more visible in your camera's Photo mode compared to Video mode. Now, begin recording your screen using the screen recording feature of your phone.

* The difference in quality between Photo and Video modes is due to the longer exposure time used when capturing a photo. This extended time allows the camera to gather more light, producing brighter and clearer images. Additionally, Photo mode often utilizes stabilization techniques to minimize camera shake and make sharper images. The behavior may vary depending on your phone model and software version. However, as a general trend, capturing photos yields clearer results in low-light situations than videos due to these factors. If your phone's camera quality is not clear enough to see the aurora, consider downloading external apps like NightCap, which could improve visibility.

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Step 3: Edits

Edit your recorded video by removing the initial segment where you activated the screen recording. Crop the screen as you like and Voila! You now have a beautiful aurora video captured with your phone.

💡 Extra tip: If you want a time-lapse video, download an external app that can speed up your footage. Alternatively, check if your phone already includes this feature and make use of it.

Now you have a stunning video of the Aurora to cherish. We hope you enjoy reading this guide and successfully capture a beautiful video of the Aurora to remember 🤩

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